Libby Chan Probiotic

Cleaning with Active Impact Microorganisms

Libby Chan Probiotic is a probiotic cleaning liquid containing Active Microorganisms which clean safely and effectively and continues cleaning long after use.

Natural Probiotic Cleaning

Libby Chan contains beneficial bacteria and is made from natural ingredients. It cleans your home and makes the microbial environment safe and even friendly!  Libby Chan Probiotic is great for breaking down oil, grease, grime & organic waste and eliminating (not masking) smells.

Toxic Chemical Free Cleaning ‘v’ Anti-bacterial Cleaners

Chemicals in many modern cleaning solutions do a good job of killing bacteria and other microbes, often boasting that they kill 99.9% of germs.   But these antibacterial cleaners strip your home of all the good and beneficial bacteria as well as the bad, which can upset the natural healthy balance. Using a probiotic cleaner ensures that the the population of good bacteria is increased and this inhibits the growth of bad bacteria and pathogens, so becomes a naturally effective way to prevent infection and manage allergies.

Probiotic Foods

You have probably heard about Probiotics in foods such as  yogurt, kombucha and sauerkraut. These foods are often eaten for their beneficial properties as the good bacteria in these foods neutralize the harmful bacteria in the gut and reduce unwanted symptoms caused by the bad bacteria such as diarrhoea, inflammation, nutrient deficiency, cramps, constipation and bloating.  Libby Chan Probiotic works in the same way with the good bacteria fighting against the bad. Read more about the science of probiotic cleaning.

Libby Chan

Eradicates smells including garlic and  urine from toilets

Cleans surfaces such as worktops, cookers, windows, mirrors, taps and sink areas….

Probiotic Cleaning

Libby Chan Probiotic cleaner can be used all around the house for cleaning work surfaces, cookers, mirrors, windows, computer screens, floors...etc and is great at cleaning the bathroom as it is good at eliminating smells. Click the button below for more detailed informtion on where you can use Libby Chan Probiotic around the home.

Local Delivery in Swindon

We are a small local business in North Swindon and are happy to allow customers to come to us to pick up, or we can deliver within SN1 and SN2 for free.

Eco Friendly

As we are trying to reduce the need for plastic, we encourage recycling and will offer a discount for refilling your old bottles or other bottles you provide. We will give a discount of £1 for each bottle we refill.

Promoting Healthy Living

We believe in doing what we can to keep ourselves safe and help save our planet from toxins and chemicals, so if you have discovered a new way to use Libby Chan Probiotic please get in touch!

Environmentally friendly Probiotic Cleaning Product

Reasons to Buy

  • Natural cleaning with nature kind products, not harmful chemicals
  • Keeps your home smelling naturally fresh
  • Pet friendly and child friendly
  • When it goes down the sink it helps improve the water system
  • You feel safe!
award winning probiotic cleaner Libby Chan Probiotics

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Please see our Buy Page for placing orders. We accept payment via Paypal and will post orders within 1-2 working days.


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